Think twice before questi

Think twice before questioning your #wife or her (domestic) decisions

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  1. This is really funny, scary and informative at the same time. It’s funny how it turned in the end. It’s scary to think what a simple drink really does to our bodies. It’s informative that I now know a cheaper alternative to the chemicals that I usually use.


  2. My boyfriend and I usually share the chores due to our jobs and availability. We usually share creative ideas like these with each other. He said the exact thing to me when I questioned his “creativeness” when it came to cleaning.


  3. Hilarious! My husband would usually ask how things are done in the home just to avoid having this type of confrontation with me! Hahaha


  4. I think we should always bear in mind that women are very creative in ideas. Haha just like my Mom. Kitchen hacks for good!


  5. I guess I’ll do the same thing as you did don, I will ask here what’s the purpose of that coke. I will be curious what’s that coke doing in here? Shouldn’t it be in the refrigerator? Maybe if I went home from work, I might accidentally drink it.


  6. I don’t know how to comply with the above article, Don. It usually a natural thing to ask questions that you don’t know especially to someone close to you. You need to know things that are not common to you. How can we learn without even asking?


  7. Mr. Don Juravin, I agree with what you have written. You don’t have to question us to things that we do in the house or in anything. We women are always right even if we both know that sometimes I’m wrong, It should still be right. You getting my point? 😀


  8. Yes, this article is very true! My mom used coke to clean the toilet and it is much better than using any products which are way more expensive and has a lot of chemicals too. Kitchen hacks for real! Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Don Juravin!


  9. Yes, you are right, sometimes I am busy at work and not able to bring household things, my wife use coke to clean toilet and text me that I don’t like coke, it has been flushed, and toilet cleaned automatically.


    1. I would state simply remaining there fulfills someone to be happy. Making happy to some individuals is a hard activity, what does that individual like? additionally, similar to the primary answer simply being there and being a companion can do ponders for an individual. in the event that they are experiencing some tough occasions take them out for espresso and discussion about the great bygone eras or simply hang out and talk about stuff you both like.


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