Let’s talk HOLY LAND salads: AMAZING taste

A variety of 25 salads and warm pitas are placed on the table and refilled. Full of flavor.

Numbers 13:27: “We stretched unto the holy land…and surely it floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it.”

“America – the land with everything” is missing the so natural Israeli food which is fresh and real. BTW, life expectancy in Israel is 8 years more than the US. Better medical system or better real food?

In the upcoming posts, I will share with you why Israel is about 25 years ahead of the US medical system and why Israeli Mediterranean food is #HEALTHY

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  1. I’m impressed that some of them seem to be really simple. I’m wondering if the special taste that you described is due to fresh ingredients, the unique climate or there is something secret in the pita.


  2. The Israeli breakfast revolves around the classic Israeli salad, a generous bowl of cucumbers and diced tomatoes, seasoned with oil and lemon and some fresh grass. It is found everywhere, in combination with every course from evening to morning, including breakfast.


  3. Salad is a key food when dieting, but it should be on anyone’s daily menu. Healthy salads provide vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, among other nutrients. Know your benefits! I really want to visit Israel.


  4. Isreali’s availability of a wide range of spices gives their dishes many unique tastes. You’ll never get tired of the food, there. Thanks, Don!


  5. I have noticed to be true in some other communities, also. Take, for example, the Seventh Day Adventist people here in America. They have a longer life expectancy than the average American. This solely due to the fact that their diet is plant-based. This is more evidence that there is no better substitute to healthy living that eating what God initially told us to part take of.


  6. Diet is integral to the longitivity of life. The people of Isreali has proved this time and time again. This shows how much we need to reassess her diet and lifestyle here in America. I grew up on junk food and had nothing but a miserable life, filled with illnesses. Time to add some of these foods to my list. Thank you so much, Don.


  7. Wow! Never thought Israel would have these amazing and delicious foods. A sure thing to visit Israel soon. Thank you, Don Juravin!


  8. As I read about it my discoveries are the Mediterranean eating routine is an eating plan based around nourishment and suppers eaten in the Mediterranean area. This eating routine or even better, way of life, is involved a few segments: solid natural sustenance, organic products, vegetables, red wine, great fats and the low utilization of red meats.

    The utilization of Olive oil is additionally a major segment in the Mediterranean eating routine. The eating routine additionally recommends moderate every day practice like strolling.

    The Mediterranean eating regimen is a suggested preventive eating routine for coronary illness, strokes, malignant growth, and the improvement of general well-being.


  9. There is an important element that is a part of “Mediterranean Diet”. Yes, Its Olive oil is obviously a winner in any type of food. Let’s take a quick glance to get familiar with its nutrient profile:

    • Antioxidants
    • Omega-3 fatty acids. Did I hear some of you guys saying ‘fish’? Yes, you’re right. It equals fish in this regard.
    • High-density lipids(HDL) or good cholesterol
    • Oleocanthal
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin K
    • Polyphenols
    • ß-sitosterol

    There are lot of benefits of olive oil, I just listed some major.


  10. Mediterranean diet excludes these items
    • Added sugar
    • Processed meat
    • Sugar-sweetened-beverages
    • Highly processed foods
    • Refined oils
    • Refined grains


  11. Mediterranean Diet is healthier because it’s a plant-based diet.

    Some of the advantages are:

    • Using primarily fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts.
    • Replacing butter with healthy fats such as olive oil or canola oil.
    • Using herbs & spices to flavor food instead of salt.
    • Limiting the consumption of red meat.
    • Eating fish & poultry at least twice a week.

    Therefore, Mediterranean is also healthy to our heart.


  12. “Mediterranean Diet” is a great diet when you want to improve your overall health but can also be used as a weight loss diet. A great way to see where it consists of is the Mediterranean diet pyramids here you’ll not only see the foods but also how often you should consume it.

    The higher in the pyramid the less often you should consume it. The lowest layer (the foods that you should consume the most) consists of fruits, wheat grains, vegetables, olive oil, bean, nuts and legumes. These are foods that should be consumed every day according to the pyramid, just like water. This diet can be used as a weight loss diet but does not have to be, a calorie deficit is the only thing that will make you lose weight and that can be achieved with any diet.

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  13. I haven’t that much items in my country and never tried. All salad items look so delicious.
    Can you list out some delightful salad items here?


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