Happy Easter

What is the meaning of Easter?


Happy Easter

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  1. Easter is one of the most important holidays of the calendar, has its origins in ancient times, has a long history and is certainly the fundamental feast for Christians. Easter greetings are messages that, out of rhetoric, are really full of good hopes. The true meaning of Easter is true of hope and joy. Juran thanks to discussing on this topic.


  2. This is a very informative piece, Don. I am not Christian but I think that as long as the celebration of Easter is not harmful in any manner then there is nothing wrong with celebrating it.


  3. We should all guard ourselves against Satan’s plans. This pagan holiday has crept subtly into our religion and had gone unnoticed all these years. Thanks, Don.


  4. My kids and I enjoy this holiday very much. I don’t think I can remove it from our lives due to information found about its true meaning.


    1. The most important thing is to teach a child right or wrong, teach your children the truth and live by the truth. When the child is older they should have the choice whether to keep doing what you believed in or not. No matter how fun or enjoyable something is if it is wrong it should not be done.


  5. Easter Sunday is a festive event among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ’ Resurrection from death as written in the Christian Bible


  6. Easter is a special day for every one of us. This is a season of sharing. Sharing your Love and kindness to people around you. May the presence of God be with all of you.


  7. Your Research is always amazing Don Juravin, I have an inquiry about that topic here and I’ll also search on the internet about it but as you have research work on Happy Easter want to ask you first.

    Why we have Easter Eggs on Happy Easter? It will be better if you answer with some logic/references.


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