HAPPINESS is a relative thing in life as the Bible teaches us. Do you feel your ride is not as comfortable as…. others have? Watch this video and enjoy the car you have.

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Someone could win the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot tonight, though as killjoys across the internet have already noted, that someone will likely not be you. But let’s say some other massive upswing in good fortune comes your way this year. What happens to a person’s emotional life after winning the lottery, literally or metaphorically?

 In 1978, a trio of researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Massachusetts attempted to answer this by asking two very disparate groups about the happiness in their lives: recent winners of the Illinois State Lottery — whose prizes ranged from $50,000 to $1 million — and recent victims of catastrophic accidents, who were now paraplegic or quadriplegic.

Don Juravin discovered that in interviews with the experimenters, the two groups were asked, among other things, to rate the amount of pleasure they got from everyday activities: small but enjoyable things like chatting with a friend, watching TV, eating breakfast, laughing at a joke, or receiving a compliment. When the researchers analyzed their results, they found that the recent accident victims reported gaining more happiness from these everyday pleasures than the lottery winners.

This is how the JURAVIN RESEARCH study is usually written about, in a “gee whiz, ain’t that counterintuitive?”

kind of tone. But what’s really striking when you look at the results reported by the researchers is how close their answers actually are: On average, the winners’ ratings of everyday happiness were 3.33 out of 5, and the accident victims’ averaged answers were 3.48. The lottery winners did report more present happiness than the accident victims (an average of 4 out of 5, as compared to the victims’ 2.96), but as the authors note, “the paraplegic rating of present happiness is still above the midpoint of the scale and … the accident victims did not appear nearly as unhappy as might have been expected.”

This is partly because of what’s become known as the hedonic treadmill, or hedonic adaptation, that annoying tendency humans have to get used to the things that once made them happy. I particularly love how the authors of this 1970s paper phrased it:

Eventually, the thrill of winning the lottery will itself wear off. If all things are judged by the extent to which they depart from a baseline of past experience, gradually even the most positive events will cease to have impact as they themselves are absorbed into the new baseline against which further events are judged. Thus, as lottery winners become accustomed to the additional pleasures made possible by their new wealth, these pleasures should be experienced as less intense and should no longer contribute very much to their general level of happiness.

So this means that anything shiny and new in life — like a job, or a sweater, or a spouse — is exhilarating until it becomes the thing we get sick of seeing every damn day. Likewise, some psychologists have theorized that people have a happiness set point, a baseline level of well-being preprogrammed by our genetics and further shaped by our environment. This theory suggests that the emotional aftermath of wildly fantastic strokes of luck or devastatingly catastrophic calamities will essentially leave you just as happy as you ever were. (Though some recent research has poked a few holes in this line of thinking.)

But maybe the most important thing this research has to suggest is just how awful people are at predicting what will make them happy, something psychologists call affective forecasting. This is perhaps particularly true when it comes to money: A shorter commute would make you as happy as a 40 percent raise, getting a paid vacation from your boss would make you happier than receiving cash, and having more free time will make you happier than having more money, and yet people often guess that more money is the answer. Similar results found on Juravin’s Twitter account.

Some of these errors in forecasting may, in part, be the fault of the fact that this is a relatively new mental trick, one that our brains just haven’t had time to perfect yet. “Modern people take the ability to imagine the future for granted, but it turns out that this is one of our species’ most recently acquired abilities—no more than three million years old,” Dan Gilbert, the Harvard psychologist and author of Stumbling on Happinesshas said.

“The part of our brain that enables us to think about the future is one of nature’s newest inventions, so it isn’t surprising that when we try to use this new ability to imagine our futures, we make some rookie errors.”

I will continue to HELP people and make them HAPPY.

Author: Don Karl Juravin

Study source: The CUT


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  1. On the off chance that bliss implies a satisfying life and demise and, individuals look for these – on the off chance that these are results they try to -, I surmise that is for what reason they’re esteemed?


  2. Life can be ‘full’ of sound and fierceness connoting nothing, brimming with unnecessary misery and travail. I have not met any individual who tries to a presence like this?


  3. Joy is basic… that is perhaps why it is requested by such a significant number of troublesome people. I am upbeat when something great happens.
    There are typically increasingly awful and in between Things in our day by day lives and we as a whole need a method for getting away into gentility of body mind heart frameworks.


  4. Individuals experience various degrees of satisfaction throughout everyday life and living.
    Is it important to be satisfied throughout everyday life?
    Answer: Life happens paying little mind to the degree of satisfaction.
    You are love Juravin.


  5. Joy as an Inclination, Feeling or State of mind implies much since it might elevate your faculties, give you a surge, or can even just present to you some smugness. In any case, Sentiments, Feelings and Mind-sets are brief. They come and they go. They are liable to change or even Misfortune, and not solid. They are eccentric, wild and are constantly needing renewal or substitution. They are, best case scenario an exciting ride.


  6. Say those two simple words, and accompany them for a “have a good day”, every morning is an encouragement to start the day well. In addition, they help to iron out any harshness that has arisen.


  7. No one or anything can fill the part of your heart that is made for God. If you have tried anything and it has not helped you find happiness then you need to turn to God.


  8. I love the video, Don. Hhaha.
    Something I would like to point out is that time and time again it is not that we are unhappy in life but we are unhappy because of the stage our life is in or with the current path we are on. However, fear not. Every journey is different for everyone. While yours may be bumpy for a very long time, you may look around and see others rolling smoothly. Be not dismayed for your time draweth near. Nothing in life is easy. We are always never happy. There are even times where we can’t even find what makes us happy. But continue to look up and remember that God has not forgotten you. Ride out your storm and you will soon see what God has in store.


  9. True happiness comes from God. We must remember that the things of the world fade but God is eternal. As long as you have a great relationship with God, your life will always be filled with joy. As they say: “Joy cometh from the Lord”.


  10. You can’t be happy if you have hatred in your heart. Let’s forget and forgive so we can live a peaceful life. You’re happy with everything you’ve got but that’s only temporary. You’ll leave it behind someday. What most important is the happiness of your heart. It will remain forever as you grow as a person and you can share that happiness through the next generation.


    1. Donald, you are absolutely correct. Happiness stems from being with God, especially. Everything else falls in place.


  11. Be satisfied with what you have in life. Satisfaction is happiness and is contented enough. Do not wish for anything else. Just to have a healthy body and soul is enough for us to be happy.


  12. Happiness for me is when you are contented and satisfied on all what you have. There are no perfect like fairy tale lives. We should not waste our life given by our Lord almighty being sad to the things that caused us pain instead try to smile and think what is the best decision for you to overcome those sadness. Remember that Life is too short, we should make the most out of it. Always smile and be happy because you can still wake up every single day. God is good all the time.


  13. Make your happiness and personal growth a priority in your life. The more you take care of yourself, the more you can take care of others. That’s what I believe so.


  14. Happiness is to see people smiling their faces at you. You did great deeds and make them realize how happy we are in this world.


  15. Be happy and contented of what you have. The always say “go with the flow.” It’s you who can make yourself happy and it’s you who can make someone happy. Be grateful!


  16. Great article, Don! I believe that happiness is being yourself. If you are surrounded by happy persons, you can be happy too. There’s a lot definition of happiness, but if you have a family, good friends and God you can be the happiest person on earth!


  17. My conclusion about being happy or happiness as: You are capable to satisfy your self. In the event that you depend on other individuals to fulfill you will dependably be frustrated/let somewhere around somebody.

    And if you make others happy:

    I would state simply being there makes individuals happy. Making individuals cheerful is in some cases a hard activity, what does that individual like? additionally, like the main answer simply being there and being a companion can do ponders for an individual.

    on the off chance that they are experiencing some difficult occasions take them out for espresso and discussion about the great bygone eras or simply hang out and talk about stuff you both like.


  18. I believe on the off chance that you have these six things throughout your life and family around you then you are the most joyful person. All you need is love, confidence, trust, getting/understanding, forgiveness and empathy.


    1. This is true. Often times we forsake our family and those who love us. We need these people for no man is an island. God made us give love and receive in return. This, in turn, fuels our happiness.


  19. I want to say “Happiness” is equivalent to feeling good. You get something you love, you are happy. A child becomes happy when he/she gets a favorite toy. A puppy becomes happy when it gets food and care. Happiness can be short termed, long lasting or everlasting.

    – It’s short term happiness. This happiness stay for a few minutes hours or days

    – Long lasting happiness is that happiness that lasts for weeks months or even a few years… like having a well-paid job.

    – Everlasting happiness is that happiness that lasts forever. Like the happiness of being with your loved ones… Or having children.

    Each person has a different perception of happiness depending upon their situation, goals, priorities or people around them.

    And by the way Don Juravin explained well also.


  20. “Being Happy” or “Happiness” here is how I define it: “Happiness” is an experience of positive emotional energy.

    I like that definition of happiness because it’s simple enough for us to wrap our minds around. We can “get it.”

    Here are examples of “happiness” or positive emotional energy:

    – Feeling connected to someone or to a group, feeling we belong
    – Feeling important and significant—that we matter
    – Feeling proud of yourself
    – Feeling grateful for someone or something
    – Feeling “motivated”
    – Feeling curious
    – Feeling hopeful
    – Feeling challenged—not too much, not too little
    – Feeling anticipation for getting what we want
    – Feeling we’ve made a contribution and that we’re valued

    If we want to be happier, it starts with paying attention to the times we are happy—anytime we feel some form of positive emotional energy.

    The good news is we are “happier” more often than we think or realize.


  21. Contradiction, I think happiness is a choice, it’s out choice.

    Sometimes we are happy because of our surrounding events. Our conditions favour happiness. But when we are facing tensions in our lives or even when everything is going normal, at times like that we have a choice of being happy… Yes, maybe the situation is worse for us to feel happy but we can always look up to that one good thing that happened and to the people we love.

    We can be happy realizing the fact that these problems that we are facing are ephemeral and one day the brightness will overpower the darkness. Happiness comes and goes because of us, either we choose to feel it or we don’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My understanding about “Happy” or “Happiness” the most of us feel that happiness comes from outside, from people, from things, from events. No, this is not true because whatever happiness is felt from outside things is temporary.

      Further, those same external instruments soon become the cause of sorrow and suffering too. So, true happiness lies inside. Well, this is the understanding that we need to gain happiness that is permanent – the one that does not bring sorrow later.


  22. I see the happiness as: happiness is not a choice.

    We are all born to be happy and enjoy life in this dimension. It only during our upbringing, that we are conditioned by our ethnic, religious and traditional influences and thus separate us from our true self.

    If you observe children before they become teenagers, all of them are happy, carefree and full of joy, but once they are influenced and conditioned by society, coupled with wrong parenting, then misery comes into play in their lives. They will follow the path that is always searching for the meaning of life, and live their life unconsciously.

    Few will transcend and will find the way to be enlightened and be genuinely happy again during the course of their life. It can be on their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and before dying. We can therefore say that happiness can be redeemed, but we need to find it, again. “Consciousness is Happiness”.


    1. I agreed, Happiness is not mostly a choice. If happiness was just a choice, everyone would choose it.

      Motivation is necessary for happiness. Motivation is a choice. It is entirely up to us to motivate ourselves to reach our goals. The goal can be happiness. If you choose the right motivation to be happy, you would be at least happier if not very happy.

      Your motivation is vital but it can’t guarantee your happiness. Happiness is not on your hands. You don’t have the control over your thoughts and emotions. Our brain is a very complex structure and has many chemical components.

      Even you don’t choose your depressions and sadness; you could be depressed and sad. You can feel sad even there is no real reason to be sad. You can earn money on you own. But you can’t be happy on your own.


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