Don Juravin (An American born in Israel to a European family) researched and discovered that women are badly misrepresented in office in the country that boasts of the most diversity and gender equality. The military and the political arena are a reflection of women leading and governing.

USA: Only 20% in Congress & 25% state legislators Vs. Israel with 51% female judges and a female Prime Minister in the 70’s. Europe with 38% governing females.

How many women are involved in governing the United States?

Juravin answers that the number is not enough. Only 20% of Congress is female.


  • Only 110 women have seats in Congress, as of 2018. This makes the total of female representatives 20%.
  • Only 74 women hold executive elected positions in the United States.
  • Only 1,875 state legislators are women, out of a total of 7,383 seats. This makes the total of female state legislators 25%.
  • 127,400,000 women are eligible voters in the United States.

Women want to run for president. In the year 2019, at least two have announced that they will be running. Juravin asks: but will their willingness to run and their ability to fundraise help them?


America markets itself as the land of opportunity, the country of advancements, and leading the democratic world. As Juravin discovered, the numbers tell a different story.

The United States just had its first female candidate running for office in 2016. While she was not seen by the American people as worthy of the presidency, it took the United States almost a hundred years to have a female candidate campaign for the seat.

In the past century, there have been over one hundred elected female state leaders in the world. But none of these leaders have come from the United States. In Juravin’s opinion, this seems to be the only country where the people still have strenuous objections to a woman being in charge.

In 2018, according to Rutgers, 110 women hold seats in Congress, out of the 535 seats available. Only 20% of Congress is female, as of 2019. But 50% of the population in the United States is female. How can people expect proper legislation on female issues, such as reproductive rights, to be passed with the women in mind? There has only been one female speaker of the House, which according to Juravin is far too few to fully represent women.

In terms of state legislature, Juravin determined 74 women hold executive elected positions across the country, which makes 23.7% of the positions in state office held by women. Out of the 50 states, there are six female governors and 13 lieutenant governors. 1,875 of state legislators are women. There are 7,383 seats in state legislature, making the percentage of female participants around 25%.

52% of the eligible voters in the country are women, out of a possible 245 million voters. Yet the amount of women participating in government does not reach higher than 25%.

Women vote in higher numbers and tend to vote more frequently than men. Since 1964, women have outnumbered men in votes. More women typically register to vote, and more women tend to vote a certain way. Men typically vote less frequently, and vote for those that have their interests. In Juravin’s opinion, women tend to vote in the opposite direction.

Even worse, this percentage is historically the highest percentage of women in Congress. There is so much more work to do.

In the book, Women in Politics: An International Perspective, Vicki Randall explains that the reason for why men have a difficult time seeing women in leadership positions. The home has no politics, while the public square is all politics. But I argue that men need to see things differently. The home is political: the mother has to handle the children and command their respect.

The home is also affected by public politics. There is no way to separate the different platforms of life so that they do not affect each other. In the same way, politics is affected by family life. There is no wall between these two conventions.

Women have to realize that this is not a fight to the death. This is the same as dealing with an unruly, unwilling child. One must compromise. The women in politics have to work with the men. We cannot have an all female Congress or a matriarchy, just as we cannot have an all male Congress or a patriarchy. The split must be even.


In Israel, women are a more prominent part of politics. The statistics don’t lie. 51% of judges in Israel are female. There have been 17 female Israeli cabinet ministers. Dozens of women have served as members of Parliament. Israel’s first female prime minister was elected in 1969. America has yet to elect a female president.

One woman at the International Women’s Day Conference in Israel testified that she came to Israel from the Soviet Union with ten dollars in her pocket. She became a member of Parliament and a mayor of a city.


Europe falls in between Israel and the United States. Germany has a female prime minister now. However, France and Italy have yet to elect a female prime minister.

In Germany, seven of the 16 cabinet positions are filled by women. 30% of the members of the German parliament are women. At most, Germany had 36% of Parliament as female.

In France, while there are no female leaders, women are almost half and half with the men in political life. 41% of state and local politicians in France are female.

In Italy, one out of three cabinet members are women. There are no female leaders and apparently very little interest in Italy to find female leaders.

Women started voting relatively recently in the United States and around the world. For women to actively participate in politics and be world leaders is a new concept for many countries in the Western world.

Credit And Research By:

JURAVIN RESEARCH  DOI 10.5281/zenodo.2915364  orcid.org/0000-0002-7537-2939


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  1. This is an excellent essay. When it comes to governance, I feel women should be given greater weight; we must remember that no gender is superior to the other. Let us give them an opportunity to lead in the United States for a change.

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  2. Women should not only be employed in the private sector but in the public sector too. They deserve equal treatment as men receive, they are the backbone of men and should be praised and should be given even chance. Women are strong physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. This article simply shows that it supports women’s rights and women’s equality. Thank you for sharing this article, Juravin. You are literally doing a good job, keep it up.


  3. Great article. When it comes to governing, I believe women need to be given more consideration, we must know that no gender is superior to the other. Let’s give them a chance to lead for once in the USA.


  4. Excellent work Don, it is obvious that women are not given much attention when it comes to the government. This mindset needs to be corrected and the women need to be heard in the seat of governance.


  5. Before we criticize we can all advocate for women empowerment. We can ensure that public institutions are held accountable, create roles for gender equality, and measure the progression of gender equality. This is just my take on the matter. Thanks to Dom for addressing this.


  6. Women are more empathic and compassionate which gives them an advantage over men in certain leading areas.


  7. This is a great article, Don. However, I think that even though women and men have different leadership styles, neither has a better overall approach than the other. Though, this does not mean that women should have a harder time getting to these said positions.


  8. Interesting work, Don. Time and time again we see that it is harder for women to get to these positions than it is for men.


  9. Don, I love this article. But I think there is something else to be addressed. It is true that there should be a lot more women in governing positions but according to statistical research, only a few persons want women to overthrow men. I think that this is the reason for the low numbers of women in power. People still do not trust women enough.


  10. As a young woman, I am not very satisfied with the number of females in governing positions. This shows that chances are still slim for women to get to these high positions.


  11. Don Juravin, people still complain that women are too emotional to handle certain types of position. But don’t we need a little emotion to help to be better leaders?


  12. Thank you for doing such research, Don. This can help persuade more young girls to infiltrate jobs that they never thought would have women.


    1. In addition to this, statistics have shown that an increase in women in the public health sector increased spending in public health and reduced inequality.


  13. Thank you Don Juravin for helping us see the errors of our ways. Having only 20% female representation in Congress is a shameful thing for Americans. Furthermore, the fact that it took so long for a female presidential candidate to contest shows you how deeply ingrained the sexism really is. The political capabilities of women should be appreciated as much by Americans as it is by Israelis and Europeans. As a world leader, we really need to step up. Thank you so much Don Juravin for sharing this article and showing us the existing flaws.


    1. It is indeed a shame since America leads out in activism of all other issues but seems not be lagging behind in this area.


    2. This is not totally true. In America, there is an institute named “Women in Government Leadership Program” teaching new women and polishing their skills on how to prove them in the era of men.


  14. This article really shows that women need to be more effective in the exercise of their right to vote and need to demand the respect they deserve from the opposite gender. This article also challenges the conventional ideas that are prevalent about the role of females in society and what it exactly entails by referring to the political aspect of a household. Israel is doing brilliantly when it comes to female representation and the European countries are right behind, but, we really need to move in the right direction now and improve the situation. Thank you for this enlightening article Don Juravin.


  15. Mr. Don Juravin you have really opened my eyes about the complete disregard for females that is prevalent in the United States in the field of politics. You are right we do need to work on it and improve the statistics. We should look at the example set by Israel and European countries and improve the representation of women in politic by fighting the gender bias.


    1. Words of the Canadian Prime Minister: “We need more women as political leaders because when women engage in the political process, societies thrive and prosper.” This is absolutely true.


  16. We have to really consider women to take up government positions. They have another way of thinking than us men and it will be really a great help for us to have other opinions regarding government issues. Women are really a great decision maker. All people must be equal to rights because God created us equally in his own flesh and blood. Thank you for sharing this article, Don Juravin! 🙂


  17. Women are strong physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. There are things needs to be done by women that men can’t do. I would prefer to have a woman to rule the government.


  18. This is something that I look for. I mean we need women power! There are lots of women out there who can do what men can do. Who can work much better? We need women to govern our society today.


  19. We can see the influence of governing women in different government institutions, I think the intention behind that the women have more thinking power than men. Women can perceive or judge anything more firmly and in a different way than men.
    You are right Mr. Juravin we need more governing women in different fields. But not every woman can perform like this. There is some ratio of women who can serve us with their decision power.


    1. This particularly true. While we see women doing excellent jobs as leaders we must remember that not every woman can execute this. As such, not every man can be a great leader as well. This does not mean that leadership position must be shut off from females.


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