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Don Juravin review of Bella Collina NO PRIVACY homes

This is how close Bella Collina homes are designed. Even if there an empty lot next door, it will be built like this.

Not only you can look into each other’s windows, but you can hear the neighbors talking, arguing or fighting. Even romantic moments you don’t want to share with your neighbors… on the LEFT and on the RIGHT.


What about TV or music at hours you want to sleep?
What about the neighbors’ kids playing basketball?
Cars breaking?


Now, what about leaving nearby a wedding venue with loud music and drunk people having fun when you try to get some rest?

Bella Collina GUIDE to buying a home:…/prot…/bella-collina-exposed/

20 thoughts on “BELLA COLLINA HOMES PRIVACY REVIEW (Don Juravin)

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    1. Their lands are smaller than their advertised sizes. I am not surprised at all of which that has been revealed. After all, what more do you expect from criminals?


  1. One thing I take into consideration when purchasing or renting a house is the type of neighbors that I will have. People overlook this but your neighbors have a big impact on how your stay in the area may turn out to be.


  2. Bella Collina is not the only place where this occurs. I do not think this problem can ever be fixed due to the high demand for houses.


  3. This should be stopped immediately! I hate having to hear my neighbors when they speak. Either they stop houses from being built close to one another or they demand that soundproof walls be made.


  4. Noisy environment. This one kills me especially when you have granny at home. They can’t go to sleep early and wakes up at midnight because of loud noises neighbors creating. Most of them were teenagers. Cars honking, loud music and most of them were shouting. Too bad for the old ones.


  5. It is definitely not a Luxury because you and your neighborhoods have open windows. They can even hear you even if your voice is low. How can you even focus on watching a favorite movie if someone in your neighborhood is also watching a movie? The noise of everyone and everything around you will collide.


  6. This is not a luxury. This is definitely a bad way of living. How can you act in your own ways when you know everyone is watching you. You can’t afford to do what you want because you know people around you will always have something to say.


    1. In addition, these people have the audacity to file lawsuits against you. How can someone be so cruel to their own customers?


      1. Lawsuits, no privacy, and fees that are through the roof. Enough information to stay away from these animals.


  7. No one would want to live in this kind of living. Privacy is something everyone needed. You can’t do your own things when you know everyone is looking or listening to you. This has a harsh environment


  8. This place is something that I don’t want to live in. Privacy is something that every person needs especially when you want to be alone and unwind. I think neighbors should be considerate too.


  9. Talk about having to live like a prisoner in your own house, without the freedom to do anything. Want to play some music? Nope. Your neighbors will call the cops on you because your houses are too close together. Bella Collina should really stop ripping their customers off.


  10. Privacy is of primary interest to prospective homebuyers and to see projects like Bella Collina completely disregard this very basic need by taking their customers for granted is downright disgusting. Thanks for writing reviews like these that tell the unfiltered truth about such projects so homebuyers like myself can make informed choices, Mr. Juravin.


  11. This is not luxury, in fact, this is an open luxury where anyone passing by the road or neighbors can entertain themselves by your interior issues.

    This is really bad if I want to enjoy music at high volume, i cannot do it like that place. I cannot arrange a party at home with my friends. This is surprisingly offensive when ringing on the door and there is police outside with complaint by the neighbor to stop the party, music, video game at my own home.


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