Hiding At Home

This would not work for me. My wife knows when I’m hiding from her or trying to hide something from her…. Makes me think… Are my techniqurs not advanced enough what is my wife very smart?

But if she’s very smart or even just smart how come she married me?!

6 thoughts on “Hiding At Home

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  1. Your wife is learning from you, and she can see the way you see things now and both of you are just the perfect match. Your sence of humor is worthy of note.


  2. Wow you have got an amazing way of creating fun Juravin. You are a perfect being having all the sensational and sensible feelings for this world.
    I love your humour and the way you express it.


  3. Well being a husband I can feel at your place Juravin. You are amazing.
    Don Juravin, you are a marvellous person. Keep it up.


  4. My husband is having the same problem Juravin. I think you both need to admit that you can’t hide anything from us. When a girl is married to a guy she has just got the access not only to his bedroom but also to his thoughts and things. You are fun loving person with amazing personality.
    Don Juravin have nice sense of humor: https://juravin.wordpress.com/category/witty/


  5. Wives are really something unexpected or more than we are thinking. Sometimes I think that the point where I stopped thinking was the point where my wife started to think. You are just sharing my grief Juravin.
    I love you and your work: https://hype.news/don-juravin


  6. Hahahaha, you need to learn some more skills, Juravin, to hide from your wife. Well, I think she is smart that’s why she married you. Now you can do nothing but to try being more expert.


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