Man or Woman Driver?

Filmed in France

14 thoughts on “Man or Woman Driver?

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  1. Man or woman, the choice is yours. Just has most people condemn female drivers, I have seen some outstanding female drivers. And as we most times compliment male drivers, I have also seen male drivers that are wack.


  2. Whatever skill and confidence men may have, the fact that they drive more aggressively, take more risks, speed more, drink more and actually drive many more miles than women undermines their success.


  3. While statistically considered “safer” drivers, women have often been socially stereotyped as “bad drivers.” Some psychologists have wondered if women buy into this belief and succumb to the stereotype threat in a way that actually affects their driving and confidence.


  4. You have highlighted one of the dangerous stunts women are doing now a days. They really need to get some training first. You are always on time, Juravin. You are great.


  5. Juravin, my man, such a hilarious video. Can’t stop my laughter. I just wanna ask women why they start such things which they can’t handle.


  6. This is never in every woman’s case. We have just made it a fun activity for us. Being a woman and driving through the way the whole day I have never encountered such situations. We are just used to exaggerate things.


  7. Hahahahaha, it was hilarious to watch over this video. It reminds me of my sister driving the car. I really don’t trust women over this. They are such bad drivers.
    Proud of you Juravin. Keep us giving such laughter therapy.


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