The GPS can be turned off at anytime by the government

Is it true the Air Force doesn’t want to use GPS in the future because of its vulnerabilities?

The Air Force is fully committed to continuing its operation and use of GPS in the future. The ongoing GPS modernization program will enhance the jam resistance of the military GPS service, making it more robust. At the same time, the Department of Defense is making prudent investments in alternative positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) technologies to supplement GPS in times when satellite services are unavailable. This will ensure that future troops have continuous, uninterrupted access to PNT under the most challenging conditions.

Has the United States Ever Turned Off GPS For Military Purposes?

No. Since it was declared operational in 1995, the Global Positioning System has never been deactivated, despite U.S. involvement in wars, anti-terrorism, and other military activities.
Millions of users around the world have been monitoring and recording real-time GPS performance on a continuous basis since its inception. If the civilian GPS service had ever been interrupted by its operators, the evidence would be obvious and widespread. No such evidence exists.

How vulnerable is GPS to malicious jamming? Could a terrorist with a GPS jammer cause airplanes to crash?

Like all radio-based services, GPS is subject to interference from both natural and human-made sources. A GPS unit can lose reception in the presence of devices designed for intentional radio jamming. Solar flares can also disrupt GPS equipment. For this reason, the U.S. government strongly encourages all GPS users to maintain backup/alternative positioning, navigation, and timing capabilities. In addition, the government is currently fielding new GPS signals that are more resistant to interference.

Commercial aircraft that use GPS are required to maintain alternative means of navigation. If intentional jamming were directed against aircraft, the pilots would revert to other sensors and ground-based navigation aids. Air traffic control would continue to provide surveillance services and ensure aircraft separation.


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  1. GPS has really made life easy. You can travel to any part of the world easily. But breaking into the system by terrorist or jamming it needs proper investigation and improvement. I believe it can be worked upon.


  2. The GPS has made navigation easy and the world has become a better place with improvement in Technology. But Duravin, things need to be improved upon. It would not be funny when we discover that this becomes a weapon of mass havoc in the hands of terrorists.


  3. Nowadays technology is making our life so easy but it’s also havoc to our nation. We are taken by these technologies. And that’s why it would be difficult for us to deal the things without GPS. But I am expecting some better replacement of it. Juravin, you are an amazing researcher.


  4. Its seems something not going to be possible for me. It is nowadays completely impossible to think of eliminating GPS from our lives. We are dependent over these. Juravin, you are saving the lives of people by informing them of such things which can happen in the near future. People can prepare themselves for these sudden changes. You are great!


  5. I also listened to the same thing a few days ago. Maybe they are going to provide us more cool ways of navigation. I am very excited to experience a new technology Juravin. You are doing wonderful work.


  6. GPS has made our lives easier. One can plan a whole trip through Google maps while sitting at home. But Juravin why are they actually going to prohibit their use. It makes no sense to me. I will wait for more updates about your next articles.


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