My Bella Collina Home Lost 7.2% In One Month


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On June 25th Zillow estimated my house at $2,131,420 and ONE MONTH later, on July 23, Zillow estimated my house at $1,977,677. That’s almost $154,000 price drop which is 7.2% loss. SCARY.

Bella Collina Homes loss money big time

Author: Don Juravin (resident)

10 thoughts on “My Bella Collina Home Lost 7.2% In One Month

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  1. Inquiries must be made before we purchase any property, the amount lost in Bella Collina is unbearable and I believe if proper management was put in place, there won’t have been so much damage.


  2. Real estate is an investment that is lucrative but at the same time could be a massive loss if you are newbie or if you fail to carry out your investigations before the investment.


  3. West Buy God Florida! However on the off chance that you are from Yankee land you would be more in order to South Florida as the Cost of living and Crime are out of this world! Almost all are Liberal Socialist Democrats! What’s more, everyone talks entertaining? You’ll need to figure out how to communicate in the Language as well! “Spanish”!! Que tengas un buen dia? or on the other hand Bonne journee?


  4. Right now I would say prices are already skyrocketing, so act quickly. They have totally redone downtown and an additional 4 high rises are in the works. I find it to be one of the few places with culture in FL other than south Florida. Another really nice neighborhood is old northeast which is right next to downtown.
    Thank you Don Juravin for making us aware of this.


  5. I was a home purchaser searching for this open home too and you additionally need to consider the sort of home you need to buy too. Subsequent to doing my examination I went with Deerfield shoreline region and purchased a home that I found on South Florida Real Estate which I completely experienced passionate feelings for!
    I would state the northern piece of South FL would be your most solid option.


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