Bullied By Deceitful Attorney Craig W. Young

Based on this court filling and further personal experience with crocked, unethical, bullying or overestimating attorneys, I would recommend to STAY AWAY FROM DEALING WITH ATTORNEY CRAIG W YOUNG presenting himself as CWY LEGAL & CONSULTING.

The filling below can possible portray attorney Craig W Young as someone who can’t be trusted as he is even misleads the court and the honorable judge.

The above is based on court filling.






         Plaintiffs,                                                    CASE NO.: 502019CA007065





Don Karl Juravin (“Defendant” or “Juravin”), and hereby respectfully files this Motion to Stay Case and Continue All Hearings and in support thereof states:

  1. Court has determined that this case is NOT URGET.
  2. I don’t represent myself, I don’t have an attorney yet, I’m in Bankruptcy proceedings looking for an attorney specializing in free speech and First Amendment for defense and a counterclaim.
  3. Attorney Young misled the court when he set the hearing and he bullied the defendant. I never agreed to any date for a hearing without an attorney and attorney Young just bullied me into a date not agreed upon.
  4. Not only I believe in free speech as it’s protected by the constitution and the first amendment, but also believe it’s my civic duty to share with my experience with others to prevent and minimize scams. It has been my proud way for the last 35 years. I, therefore, use my full name when I post and I use my own lame English.
  5. Attorney Young misled (as he should know better) the court making unfounded assumptions that “anonymous” posters have been me without going through the proper procedure.
  6. Attorney Young should also know that free speech supersedes torture interference and they can’t be mixed. 
  7. Attorney Young knows that I live 4 hours away from the courthouse and therefore manipulated my words to deceive the court to believe that I’m “in town”.
  8. Attorney Young was made aware of the fact that Hebrew is my first language and should have prepared an interpreter had he cared for fair justice. 
  9. Attorney Young has demonstrated misuse of the court proceeding and the court’s valuable time as he knows well that what I wrote on the web doesn’t constitute URGENCY as to disrupt me or the court : 
    1. I posted under my name on Avvo: “I interviewed Craig Young for a part or full-time attorney and I was not impressed, to say the least. I have vast experience with attorneys and I don’t feel that Craig Young is a knowledgeable one for a win. I sensed he’s looking to make quick money and that’s all that he cares about.” NOTHING that constitutes the court dropping other important cases to attend to what is merely my true experience or for me not having the right free speech attorney and an interpreter. 
    2. Posted under my name and picture on Google reviews: “Bad experience with this attorney which I found to be UNETHICAL. After interviewing and having recent experience with him, I would not trust him to represent me and I would STAY AWAY from any dealing with him.” NOTHING that constitutes the court dropping other important cases to attend to what is merely my true experience or for me not having the right free speech attorney and an interpreter. 
  10. The fact that others seem to think that attorney Young is deceitful by presenting on his site high rises modern building pretending to work from a very successful business building while in reality, he’s working out of his 18-year-old 756 square foot 1 bedroom apartment. 
  11. Others, as well as probably the Florida Bar, find a one-man show attorney presenting on his website a group of people collaborating as deceitful. 
  12. Probably other clients or potential clients find it exaggerated to present the “vast experience, specialties and abilities” of attorney Young who was barely admitted to the Florida Bar in 2016 and has not really and fully worked in all these areas of the law he has made people believe he has the specialty in. 
  13. It is therefore easy to understand why my TRUE & HONEST review is not only measured but triggered others to notice more than just puffery in attorney’s Young behavior.
  14. It seems like attorney Young already took the law to his hands and UNPROFFESIONALLY & UNETHICALLY has used my name in response to others expressing their opinion of him. Upon checking with the Florida Bar rules, this behavior seems to be a violation of the code of ethics. 
    1. I wrote
  15. If all these Florida Bar’s violations and misleading the court are not enough, attorney Young has consulted with me, in length, the details of the “Bella Collina” case and now, as part of his bullying and retaliation, he chose to share the information with Bella Collina’ Randall Greene who wrote: 
    1. In my recent experience in meeting Craig, I found him to be exceptionally professional. I also reviewed some of his legal work recently and found the complaint very well written and quite comprehensive. I would not hesitate to hire Craig to handle some of our legal work and highly recommend him to others seeking competent legal representation“. 
    2. To which attorney Young responded: “Thank you for your review! We appreciate your feedback.” 
    3. Again, unethical and deceiving since he’s a one-man show pretending to have an office in a modern highrise and having multiple attorneys. Though legally it may be “I and my company”, attorney Young is deceitful to the general public. 
  16. Attorney Young is aware that Hebrew is my first language and interpreter should be provided by him. 
  17. I think attorney Young’s behavior of rushing to file wrong and misrepresenting documents with the court proves that my business gut feeling in my review of him was right. 
    1. If that is not enough, attorney Young was found in this short proceedings to be undervaluing the Court’s intelligence and knowledge of the law by presenting reviews of others as if they were mine without a real proof as required by law. Even those reviews seem to be correct now.
    2. Based on attorney Young’s bullying and behavior, it is easy to understand why other clients, or potential clients, will feel intimidated by him to use their real name in their review of him.
  18. With so many mistakes, either intentionally or because of his experience, attorney Young bullying his customers, and potential customers, cause me damages which it doesn’t seem Mr. Young will have the money to pay. I, therefore, request a bond for $100,000.
  19. I am requesting the Court to stay the case for 60 days to allow me to find a free speech – First Amendment attorney to represent me in this matter.
  20. Enclosed are proofs to the above
  21. FRIDAY an email was sent by Young followed by a hearing setting on Mon ignoring my motion for extension of 60 days to find a free speech attorney and the fact that the court ruled that this is not urgent and that I live 4 hours away. 

I was clear above that I’m not represented and that I don’t agree to any date.

Bellow is attorney Young being a bully and representing incorrect “facts” and moving to not inform the court that I have NOT agreed to the hearing. Ms. Goodwin never told Young that she represents me and it’s not up to attorney Young to decide who represents me. If Young had more experience, he would have put 1+1 and realized that he actually answered an ad for a full/part-time attorney himself. 

Furthermore, Young is misrepresenting that I’m “in town” as I live far 4 hours away and I’m busy preparing my kids for school and have other business obligations.

Here is the evidence that attorney Young has collaborated with my adversary (Randal Greene and Bella Collina) after I have shared a great deal of information with him about Randall Greene and Bella Collina (which will become part of my counter lawsuit and makes Young a witness). I would leave the rest to the Florida Bar to determine if accepting such a review is ethical. 

Here is attorney Young using “a review” to defame me, assuming that it’s me that placed it without having ANY EVIDENCE that this is my review. Reading this review now, it is PERFECTLY within the rights of the First Amendment and it’s a legitimate expression of opinion with no “wrong facts”. However, attorney Young response is UNPROFESSIONAL and UNETHICAL according to the Florida Bar.

If that is not enough, Young is adding support of anonymous site set to defame me and thereby gives his approval to its content for which he not only violated the Florida Bar rules but committed clear defamation against me. 

Respectfully submitted this 22nd day of July 2019.

2 thoughts on “Bullied By Deceitful Attorney Craig W. Young

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  1. Someone like this Attorney needs to be charged immediately. Scamming people in a professional way and using fake pictures to get things from people, why don’t you just work hard and get what you are trying to fake. All we need is on the other side of hard work. Let’s be cautious who gets access to our information.


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