Rep. Elijah Cummings Defrauding Baltimore and Congress

We are in a political firestorm over the condition of Baltimore. So what is life really like there?

Here’s what they had to say: Rats. Trash. Crime. Abandoned by politicians. Begging for change.Want the truth? #ElijahCummings is a #Fraud

5 thoughts on “Rep. Elijah Cummings Defrauding Baltimore and Congress

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  1. It is really sad to see the condition of the Baltimore. It is no more a place to live in. Full of trash and crimes making the life of people difficult and miserable one.
    I wonder why everyone is not like you Don Juravin that they can see the miseries of the people living in such conditions. You are love Juravin.


  2. World really needs an eye you have been blessed with Juravin. How these people can be ignored having so much expectations at heart. You have given them a hope of being listened, Juravin. You are wonderful.
    You are doing a splendid job Juravin


  3. Politicians really need to listen to the voice of the people living in Baltimore. Life is getting tougher and tougher day by day living there. But no one wants to leave their hometown, so they should really be given some attention by the government.
    Thanks Juravin for raising the voice for these people. You are a marvelous person. Keep it up!


  4. Is this really a place to live in?
    I am really disappointed over the negligence of the government for this place worth living. People have emotions attached with this place. It is their homeland they love it by heart but no one can live so long in such a place being filled with trash just because no one is free to look after this place.
    Don Juravin, you are really a good man who can feel the pain of others and try to raise voice of peace in them. I love these reviews:


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