How To Avoid Getting Stuck?

This racon is STUCK as we do from time to time.
It was an ordeal to release him. How many times do we get into a “STUCK” situation we could have prevented? 
Have you though “why have I done it to myself?”

Research by: Don Karl Juravin ( ♥️ USA)



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9 thoughts on “How To Avoid Getting Stuck?

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  1. As I saw this I could easily relate it to relationships, some things are not worth fighting for. After my first girlfriend, I had to come to terms that some people can’t be in your life forever, you have to let go sometimes. Thanks to Don for this piece, it communicates a lot.


  2. There are times that you don’t give up but you change your focus and what you are expending energy on. It might become a total waste of time to continue striking the same cord it there is no response. I believe we should let things go sometimes.


  3. I agree with this example of racoon. I agreed with this point that anyone can get stucked in any stage of life.

    You are helping the peoples so much Juravin. Juravin is spreading the ray of knowledge!


  4. You are my mentor for life Don Juravin. You are amazing. I have learned to deal with life by you.
    Please keep writing for the people like me who always need a man like you at every step of their life.


  5. Some people are never satisfied without some examples or experiences given to them regarding a particle topic.
    The use of racoon as an example shows that you are good at giving people what they need in their lives.
    You are doing a splendid job Juravin:


  6. Several times I am asking myself what I have actually done to my life. Why I am being stuck so badly in this situation. But after reading your article I have learned that it is just the beauty of life to have good days after bad days. You are doing great Don Juravin.


  7. I agree with you over this point that we can get stuck in our life at any point besides taking a lot of care of it. Juravin you have an amazing way of linking things together and I like the way you linked racon with the daily lives of people. Life is a lesson which teaches us throughout the day through different in one way or another.


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