The Jews have forced the world to respect them with their knowledge, not with terror. Humanity owes most of the discoveries and advancement in the 19th and 20th centuries to Jewish scientists. Israel today has earned the world's respect.
Love & peace will prevail.

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Prepared by Don Juravin (Don Karl Juravin)

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  1. I read that a large percentage of the Nobel Laureate in the world are Jews. They are known for their intelligence and creativity.


  2. Amidst all the misunderstanding and controversy of the Jews, they have continuously proved how great they are. Much love, Don.


  3. I totally agree with this, Don! Jewish people were so great! Their knowledge and hard work earned up until now.


  4. That’s an interesting way to put it, Mr. Juravin. The Jewish community has definitely contributed to how advanced we are today, especially in the banking and defense sectors. They have great business acumen which is what I believe has brought them this far in terms of their achievements.


  5. Yes, you are right Don Karl Juravin. Israel making diversity in various fields by their knowledge, experience and research work. Actually, that is happening at the government level in Israel, they are encouraging their graduates to do more research and find something new to serve the nation, and this is increasing the knowledge and respect for Israel.


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